Thursday, June 14, 2012

The fire alarm just went off at Cheong-gu Middle School, and it triggered a memory that's been buried deep for so many years. I remember that day when the entire school assembled due to my childlike curiosity of the fire-alarm triggers placed all around the school. I would see it located on the wall every day, calling to me, "Come on, pull down~"

And so, one day, I did. I pulled that fire-alarm thingamajig down, and it felt so good. I'm sure a smile crept up on my face for a good 2 milliseconds before I heard the subsequent blaring and incessant fire alarm bells. Teachers were mobilizing children out of the classrooms, and students were neatly going in single-file lines to the school yard. This was not a drill.

Everybody lined up along the perimeter facing a group of teachers in the middle that was surveying each and every one of us. There was one in particular. Mr. Mustache, I will call him. He had long blonde hair that fell down in curls. He sported a pair of sunglasses with the shoelace attached to the ear-rests so that he could hang them from his neck. By the look of his brows, his eyes weren't happy. They were searching for the perpetrator. The cause of this mess.

I don't remember if I held my hand up and turned myself in, or if there was a witness that saw me pull it. Knowing my fear of discord, and seeing that I was the cause of such a blip in the school day schedule, I'm sure one of my mates turned me in.

All I remember is walking shamefully toward Mr. Mustache, with my one hand up, admitting that I was the one who pulled the fire alarm. I could hear gasps and shudders of the masses. "Who would do such a thing?"

Indeed, it was me. Good old, Danny. Danny the Panny. A day that my curiosity got the best of me.